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Picnic Hamper

Enjoy a Day Out With a Picnic Hamper

Spending time outdoors with your family and friends is beneficial to your mood and has several physical benefits. Studies have shown that the Vitamin D your body absorbs from sunshine releases endorphins that elevate your mood. When you plan on spending the warm summer days outside in the sun while savouring the fresh air, you may want to consider taking a picnic hamper along with you.

At Peninsula Providore, we have numerous gift packs filled with an assortment of our freshly-packed and organically grown olive products to add to your picnic or as gifts for your friends and family.  We even have a picnic pack in the range that includes our Peninsula Providore extra virgin olive oil, Kalamata olives, and dukkah with bowls and serviettes so all you need to do is add the crusty bread.  Our grounds at the farm shop are a delightful setting to sit back, relax and enjoy some of the finer things in life, ideal for picnic fun.

Why Choose Peninsula Providore When You Buy Snacks for Your Picnic Hamper

If you’d like to experience our produce first-hand before you buy, we have a pop-up farm shop on the first weekend of every month. If you’d like to stay updated with our picnic events and monthly pop-up stores, please sign up for our newsletter and never miss out on delicious outdoor dining, Precious Little wines and the latest and freshest olives and olive oil products. 

Why not grab your picnic basket set and join us for one of our picnic days? These gatherings make dining in the outdoors simple, easy, and delicious. A fun day out for the whole family promises olive oil tastings, the glorious tranquillity of our olive groves and, of course, delicious local produce platters.

  • If you’re a gin lover, we’d suggest our Gin Lovers Gift Box – a clever addition to any picnic in our beautiful country. With this ensemble, you can enjoy a simple picnic of fresh bread to dip in the oil and spices and add a variety of cold meats and vegetables of your choice for a no-nonsense taste sensation. You’ll also find Peninsula Providore EVOO, dukkah, za’atar, dried Lemons, Threefold Gin, and Bickfords Tonic in this pack.

  • For an easy snack or an add-on to your picnic hamper in Australia, our picnic pack is ideal for getting your picnic basket set up in the Australia sun, with delicious dukkah, extra virgin olive oil and Peninsula Providore kalamata olives–just add bread for a finger-licking treat.

  • With our Super Deluxe Giftbox, you’ll already have a lovely Peninsula Providore Bramble Pottery dipping bowl and tea towel with the ultimate in spices and flavoured olive oil to add zest to any picnic.

The beauty of our products is that they pair so well with several picnic foods, such as nuts, smoked salmon, roast chicken, cheese and, of course, wine!

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Gift Packs Galore

About Peninsula Providore

We’re a family-owned business that produces eco-friendly extra virgin olive oil products, which we sell directly to consumers. We are firm believers in supplying our customers with only the best, setting us apart and sharing the versatility of olives and extra virgin olive oil.


Should you require more information about our products or how you can place an order or make bookings for our pop-up shops or picnics, contact us today.

  • We carefully choose each item we place in our gift packs as all the products are freshly made and selected to suit several tastes and preferences.

  • Our popular Local Hamper is ideal for making anyone’s day special. Your friends will love the surprises of chocolate and hand cream in addition to some of our personal favourites.

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