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Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Enhance Your Cooking With Our Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Infusing olive oil with a range of herbs and vegetables and creating delicious condiments such as garlic-infused olive oil is a practice that’s been around since the dawn of time. In the olden days, there were no refrigerators. So storing herbs, fruits, and other ingredients in oils were popular since it would keep foods from spoiling for a few weeks. At Peninsula Providore, we provide premium quality cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and infuse it with a variety of exciting flavours.

Quick Facts About Infused Olive Oil for Daily Life

There is a myth that extra virgin olive oils shouldn’t be used for cooking.  This is in fact just a myth!  Extra Virgin Olive Oils and oils such as our Peninsula Providore garlic olive oil or basil-infused olive oil can be included in a variety of cooked or fresh dishes. We believe that the possibilities are endless, provided your oil doesn’t burn.

  • The primary and most familiar use of olive oil will always be adding it to your green salad or using it as a dip for bread. However, now you can use infused olive oil to enhance the flavour of any meal.

  • Adding olive oils to your recipe or using infused olive oil as the base will elevate the flavours and help you create a whole new flavour sensation. You can make your own mayo with olive oil as your fat base or merely use it as your cooking base for preparing your meat

  • When storing your olive oil, always make sure you avoid the four main contamination factors. Air, heat, light, and age are the main factors that can spoil your olive oil. Keep your oils in a cool, dry place, and make sure you close the bottle tightly.

Our Range of Infused Olive Oil

We take pride in manufacturing the highest quality olive oil with unique flavours that delight your tastebuds. Our oils are terrific for salad dressings or as an additional condiment with meats or seafood.  Everything is enhanced with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Our Lemon Infused Olive Oil contains hints of citrus flavours that add to all the other flavours on your plate. This oil perfectly suits many different meals, such as red meat, roasted poultry and fish or sautéed veggies – you can even drizzle it over your ice cream.

  • The Chilli Olive Oil brings spices such as Paprika to life with an extra kick. Spice up your bread dips with Peninsula Providore chilli oil or drizzle it over your pasta. Additionally, pour some into your stir-fry while cooking to add a trace of chilli.

  • Our Basil Olive Oil adds a savoury basil flavour to your meal without overpowering other elements. Adding this olive oil to a meal that includes tomatoes, chicken, eggplant, and pasta will make a dish fit for royalty.  Think a delicious, fresh, caprese salad.

  • Our range of infused olive oils covers many basic flavours or ingredients that you may run out of.  Why not have a range of flavoured olive oils in the pantry in case you are missing that key ingredient, or are time poor and want the flavour without taking the time to cut it up and prepare it.

More About Peninsula Providore

At Peninsula Providore, we take pride in growing high-quality trees to produce the best extra virgin olive oils every year. We value our land and nurture our farm lands to ensure they continue producing the healthiest and heartiest olives.

We started our journey by purchasing a grove next to our Currency Creek hay farm, and through nourishing the olive trees back to health after ten years of neglect, we have been producing our extra virgin olive oil since 2017. Since then, we have won multiple awards at the Fleurieu Food Awards, the Royal Adelaide Show Olive Awards, and the Australian International Olive Awards.  Our 2021 Peninsula Providore Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil won gold medals at both the Royal Adelaide Show Olive awards, and the Australian International Olive Awards.

To consistently produce the products you now love, we remain updated with the latest trends and information. In addition, we constantly come up with new and innovative ideas to improve our products and enhance your experiences without reducing the quality of our oil.

Order your infused olive oil today, or contact us for further queries!

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