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Olive Groves

Our Estate grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from our olive groves on the abundant Fleurieu Peninsula.... Read more



Like great wine, premium extra virgin olive oil has a sense of terroir, and it is important to focus on the....

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Farm Shop

We now invite guests to visit us at our Pop-up farm shop open the first weekend of each month or....

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Cold Pressed Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our family owned & operated Currency Creek & Tooperang Olive Groves on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.


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Peninsula Providore 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 - other sizes available

The core Peninsula Providore cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.  This oil is a medium style with some lovely grassy green notes on the finish.

Available in sizes and formats from 100ml bottles to 10L Bag in Box, there is sure to be a solution to suit your lifestyle.


Reserve EVOO 550x550.png

Peninsula Providore Reserve 250ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 - one size only

The Peninsula Providore Reserve extra virgin olive oil is only made in exceptional years.  This is a medium style of extra virgin olive oil but tends to be on the grassier, greener side of the spectrum with some complex rose water and herbal characters.



Nangkita 500ml 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 - other sizes available

The Nangkita extra virgin olive oil is the most mild and approachable in the Peninsula Providore stable of extra virgin olives oils.  Made as a versatile oil, this oil tends to move towards the hay and tropical spectrum of flavours.  Ideal for mayonnaise and hollandaise sauces.


What Peninsula Providore Offers

We are delighted to bring you our range of olives and extra virgin olive oil harvested from our olive groves, and processed on our farm at Tooperang on the Fleurieu Peninsula. You can visit our farm store on the first weekend of the month, by appointment, or visit for some of our events, such as the Plated Provenance Winter Long Lunch or our demonstrations and classes. Our farm, pop-up, and online stores offer a variety of olives, extra virgin olive oils, vinegar, and gift packs for sale.

Contact us to find out about our events or to book an appointment to visit our farm store.

Table Olives Versus Olive Oil Olives

There are over 2 000 varieties of olives, of which approximately 150 are generally grown and cured for eating or to produce olive oil. Climatic conditions, cultivar, rootstock, topography, water supply, and the mineral nutrition in the soil all affect the quality and flavour of the extra virgin olive oil produced. We value the environment that provides us with our olives and take great efforts to not harm it.

  • Kalamata, Cerignola, Castelvetrano, and Manzanilla olives produce delicious table olives that are fantastic in pasta, salads, or on their own. We grow Manzanillo and Kalamata trees at our groves for table olives. We produce our extra virgin olive oil from Corregiola, Manzanillo, Frantoio, Leccino, Barnea, Koroneiki, and Pendolino olives with some also coming from Kalamata olives.

  • All olives start out green and change to a golden, yellowish colour and then reddish-purple to almost black as they ripen.

  • Harvesting times determine the ripeness of the olives, which in turn determines the different oil flavours.

  • Less ripe olives/green olives produce a more pungent, bitter oil, while over-ripened olives can yield oils with fermentation defects.

  • Generally, relatively ripe green olives produce the best olive oil, and we aim for riper, more black olives to undergo curing for table olives.

  • Both table olives and olive oil complement a variety of dishes, and at our Peninsula Providore Farm Shop we offer picnics and platters for you to experience our olives and oils.


Black Olives

Our Black Olives Undergo a Careful Selection Process

Our olives are grown on the banks of the Tookayerta Creek at our Currency Creek grove and our Nangkita grove 10 minutes away in Tooperang. We grow eight varieties of olive trees to provide a variety of options for table olives and various styles and flavours of extra virgin olive oil. We carefully select the ripened black olives from the Kalamata trees on our Nangkita grove to make the delicious Kalamata olives available from our online store, farm shop, and pop-up stores.  Our table olives undergo a careful selection process to chose the black olives, but also to size the olives to ensure a consistent fermentation and ensure all the olives are ready for eating at the same time.

Interesting Facts About Kalamata Olives

Kalamata olive trees thrive in subtropical climates with hot, dry summers and mild winters. They can grow in several different soil conditions but require soil with good drainage. Our Currency Creek and Nangkita groves produce superb Kalamata olives that are perfect for olive bread, salads, pizza toppings, pasta dishes, or an olive tapenade.

  • These olives are rich in oleic acid and are a natural source of iron, calcium, copper, and vitamin A and E.

  • They are high in sodium as they are preserved in salty water, so consumption should be in moderation. The high sodium content helps preserve the olives for a very long time, especially if stored in a cool area.

  • The time of picking determines the size, quality, and taste. They are purple but classified as black table olives, and they can also be used to produce olive oil.

Join our Peninsula Providore tribe.

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